Central and East European Studies Program

Prague, Czech Republic

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CESP represents one academic branch of the University of Economics in Prague (= UEP). CESP offers foreign students a one- or two- semester study program (i.e. 15 or 30 weeks) taught completely in English. The program courses review the past and investigate the present and future of Central and East European economies. Some courses examine social and political aspects of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the countries' languages and culture. Students of the program also have the opportunity to enroll in courses designed as a standard part of the University curriculum and taught in English, such as international economics, game theory, etc. All accredited CESP courses are in a limited sense accessible for Czech students. This comprehensive program improves the students' general academic background and, makes it possible for foreign students to immerse in the Czech students community at the UEP. Most foreign universities accept the transfer of credits earned in the CESP.

The CESP began operating in 1992 and is designed for students who have finished at least two, but preferably more, semesters at their home university.

CESP also organises Summer Schools lasting five weeks (typically during the last week of June and first four weeks of July). The Summer School offers intensive versions of basic CESP courses, field trips and excursions.

Classes are held at the UEP campus by highly qualified professional teachers and business persons of the Czech Republic working at the university itself or at other prominent institutions. CESP has taught students from a diverse selection of countries such as Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong-Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, United States and Uruguay.

CESP is located in the main campus of the University of Economics Prague, and has extensive information material available.

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