The Czech Republic is rich in history and culture. Situated in the center of Europe, it links East and West both geographically and culturally. There are several mountain ranges and national parks, hundreds of castles, and many historical sights which demonstrate the dramatic history of this region.
The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is situated on the Vltava River and spans several hills. With over a million inhabitants, Prague is the seat of the Czech Parliament and Government, is an important economic and cultural center, and is one of the most beautiful European capitals. Its location allows easy access to major European cities such as Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest.

Prague is one of the oldest capitals in Europe, and for years the city served as the primary residence of kings governing the region, including the Hapsburg Empire. The two most prominent historical landmarks of Prague are the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. Several architectural styles can be found throughout the city including Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classical, and styles of the twentieth century.

This "City of a Hundred Spires" is composed of many towns, which makes it unique among the capitals of Europe. Its three old quarters, Old Town, Lesser Town, and New Town, have remained practically unaltered for hundreds of years. The Charles Bridge, adorned with beautiful statues, joins the old settlement below the castle walls with the Old Town and the New Town. The New Town is an important location for arts, entertainment and shopping.

Prague has been the home of many musicians, writers, and artists including Kafka, Kundera, Mozart, Dvorak, and Smetana. It has a wealth of opportunities for residents and visitors to attend cultural events and performances, featuring both local and international talent. The Prague Spring Festival lasts the month of May and draws classical music ensembles from around the world. There are numerous museums and galleries throughout the city, and many clubs and recital halls offer a range of daily concerts, operas and theatre performances. Popular Czech, European and American films are shown in the cinemas.

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